Friday, December 7, 2012

Graduation Day

Assalamualaikum to my reader(s) . Today I want to share a story about our graduation day although the ceremony had long passed . On 2nd November 2012 all form 5 students of SMK Seri Perak , Parit Buntar have graduated from high school . This year is the first year this glittering ceremony held . We held in Dewan Merdeka , Parit Buntar . On that day , girls are wearing baju kurung while boys wore Baju Melayu .  Now , I want to share the picture during the event .

 Before the ceremony start we snap here and there . Our class were sitting in the back of  Dewan once .

 This is the sweet picture among the rest . Pray for us to get excellent result in SPM we have try our best !

 I'm so sorry for bad quality picture . This is my classmate with our classroom teacher .

 With our mathematic's teacher .

 With our Biology's teacher .

 With our school principal . Thanks for arrange many activities for us .

 With our bahasa Melayu teacher

 With our account's teacher .

 Thanks to all teachers that always support us .

With Bahasa Inggeris teacher

That's all for today . Daaa

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