Saturday, March 9, 2013

childhood memories


Today I want to write all about childhood memories . Childhood memories like a heaven right ? No one will scold us or laugh at us even we are doing crazy work . Is it right ? Maybe some of you will ask me , Why suddenly I want to flashback about our childhood memories right ? Before this I always talk about my past during i'm still learning in school right ? Okay guys , let me tell you from the begining . Actually , my ex-classmate was sharing a video from youtube at facebook entitled '50 Awesome Childhood Checklist' by Germani Productions . So , when I see the title I felt very excited to watch that video . While I'm watching that video I can't stop myself from laughing . You can watch the video by click HERE . I'm sure this video will entertaining you . :P

Let me share a few things about my childhood based on this video . But before you continue reading my writing , you should watch that video first . I think I'm doing all the first ten list during my past . During my childhood untill now I still didn't know how to fold the A4 paper to become a paper aeroplane . So , I always ask someone to help me to fold it than I'll throw to my friend . Hahahaha . Hmm about the fan . I'm always singing in front of the fan until my mom shouts to me to stop making noise in her room because the stand fan was in her room . I'm always jumping on my parent bed too . Hahaha . Oh ya , I still remember , during i'm in primary school my mother forgot to pick up from my Fardhu Ain class . So , I'm walking alone to my house . Than my father said my mother goes to my class to find me . When she didn't find me she came home with full of worried . She shouting my name and I just hidden behind the door of her room . When she find me she hug me tightly . That's the first and last time I'm doing it . Hahaha

Now I'm talking about my second ten list . Ya ! I'll always practise to shoot someone with rubber band . But until now I still didn't know the correct way . When I'm shooting the rubber band , it will turn back and shoot me . That's the worst thing . Hahaha . I'm always blowing water using straw when I feel bored waiting for the food at the restaurant . Stir the ice cream ! I'm always doing it in my past time . About folding the bread and just eat at the middle of the bread I'm still doing it until now . Yeah 'sit on the chair and tirn in circles' I'm always doing it when I'm enter the computer lab .

Okay next , I'm always borrow my frind's pen and press all the pen points at the same time . Sometimes I'm making their pen broken . Hahhahaha . At home , I'm taking my sister's rainbow spring and playing it with my younger sister . Oh ya ! My father always bought the button biscuit . Of course I'll eat the belly button biscuit only and the rest I'll just leaving it . Bhahaha . I'm always blocking ant's way . Sometimes , I'm killing them using the cellophane tape . 'One two jus' we always playing it to decide the turn to playing a game . About the hopscotch , I'm always playinh it with my neighbours .

It just Sometime I'll sing the 20th centuary when movie starts , because I'm always singing the pink panther's song . I'm still sing ABC to find the location of the alphabet when I'm using the dictionary . Yeah , using biscuit as cigarettes and acting like a man . I think until now I'm still playing the thumb game . Yeah ! This is I like the most and still doing it even now I'm eighteen . Avoid walking on the cracks and lines ! bhahahah . I really like to do it . Yeah , slide down stairs , hide in cupboard . i had do it before .

Skip stairs and jump down ! I'm always doing it when I'm in hurry . Oh rubic cube , I've one and sometimes I'll playing it . But still can't solve it -.- . Bhahaha climb up the slides and blocking the other when they want to playing the slides . Bhahaha . Yeah , I'm always asking my mother why the moon always following us ? Yeah . It was the wonderful experince ever . I'm really miss all the moments . I'll stop writing here . Daa . Oh ya ! Today is Friday that's why I'm writing fully in English . I'm sorry for my broken english . Daaa again .

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